Mark Sr



Mark Davis Henderson Sr. was born in Long Beach, California to Constance and Richard Henderson. He is the youngest of three siblings (David & Rebecca). He has lived in California, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Nevada and Currently Iowa. At a young age his father taught him the compressed air industry. At 17 he did not feel challenged enough by the normal curriculum and dropped out of high school. Shortly after which, he met Jacqueline (Jackie) Grey and later the two had 3 children (Mark Jr., Jazmine and Tapanga). He has since spent his time working in the compressed air industry. Around 1999 he decided to get his G.E.D. and without any type of studying, took the test and passed with flying colors. In 2003, after a layoff, he decided that a G.E.D. was simply not good enough. He found a full time night shift position so that he could attend and graduate college with an associate of applied computer science (IT major). He has since started working for a world wide compressor company. His constant strive to learn has accelerated him in his current position to become one of the best in the area. He was later blessed with Melba and him having a final child (Troy).