Jazmine was born in San Antonio, TX to Jacqueline and Mark Sr. She has outgrown the “little girl” she used to be and is turning out to be a nice lady. She’s 5’4″ with longer brunette hair that she dyes black semi-regularly. Her freckles are making more of an appearance the more time she spends outdoors with her friends.

It is hard not to enjoy her company. She graduated high school a year and a half early in 2014. She entered the workforce in 2014 and is working hard to be an independent adult. She has recently moved into her own house in Oklahoma and is doing a great job with her life at this point.

She has a dog and two cats and has really become a beautiful lady. She is contemplating starting college but is trying to figure out her living environment and major. She has a deep love for children and helping others. She has a very big heart and is not afraid to show it. She is fiercely protective of her friends and family but is also shy and reserved when meeting new people.